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“Rev Up offers one the best values for the dollar for any publication that I’ve subscribed to. There’s not a lot of theory — just tons of useful advice.”
— Robert Anderson, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
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The secret to great writing isn’t talent. It’s tricks.

The best writers are those who have a writer’s toolbox stuffed with tricks, tips, techniques and formulas — proven systems they can apply on deadline to take the agony and guesswork out of their writing and sell their approach to their approvers.

With the Rev Up Readership toolbox for writers, you’ll get literally thousands of tricks — hard-to-find but easy-to-implement techniques — that will make your copy more compelling. The toolbox will make your writing decisions easier and give you the information you need to have a successful conversation with management about what works in writing and why.

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Rev Up Readership journal of writing tips

Think of Rev Up Readership as a half-day writing workshop delivered to your inbox.

With this monthly journal of writing tips, you will:

  • Learn proven-in-the-lab best practices for reaching more readers.
  • Build authority and sell your ideas with current communication research.
  • Steal world-class techniques from award-winning communications.

(Note: This is not my popular free e-zine, Wylie’s Writing Tips. But if you like the e-zine, you’ll love its bigger, more in-depth cousin!)

RevUpReadership writing tips

Members-only website

Would you like to nail the nut graph? Get inspired by award-winning feature headlines? Find proven-in-the-lab targets for paragraph, sentence and word length?

You’ll find the answers to your writing questions on, our members-only website.

Think of as Ann Wylie’s brain on the web. That’s because it’s packed with virtually everything Ann’s ever written about writing — more than 2,750 step-by-step how-to’s, checklists and simple tests to run on your message to measurably improve readability.

Whether you need a fill-in-the-blanks template for writing a survey story or secrets to successful subject lines, you’ll polish your skills and find new inspiration for your work with this online toolbox.

Visual Thesaurus

Visual Thesaurus

What’s a shorter word for communicate? A more colorful way to say obfuscation? And what the heck is a quadrillion?

At Wylie Communications, we couldn’t live without Visual Thesaurus, the “remarkably inventive and interactive way to explore language” (PC magazine). You won’t be able to either once you use it to find just the right word, create a great twist of phrase or craft the perfect headline.

Plus, if you’re a word nerd like Ann, you’ll go nuts for Visual Thesaurus’ word of the day, featured word lists, articles and blog posts.

Visual Thesaurus is free with your Rev Up Readership membership.

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