‘Like having your own personal communications mentor’

What Rev Up Readership members say

“Rev Up offers one the best values for the dollar for any publication that I’ve subscribed to — there’s not a lot of theory — just tons of useful advice.”
— Robert Anderson, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

“Take your writing skills to the next level with Ann’s proven advice and techniques — information that will give you a positive return on investment with the very first issue.”
— Robert Anderson, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

“It’s a quick read that can help you become a better writer.”
— Shelley Anderson, Border States

“No one else is doing what Ann is doing. She is dusting off the grab bag of writing skills, cleaning it up, sharpening our tool set and throwing away the stuff that doesn’t work any more.
“Ann knows her stuff, and she is able to communicate it in a way that makes sense. If you don’t already know the things she teaches, you’re writing will definitely improve. If you do, her tips will just remind you to keep those things in the forefront of your mind.”
— Katie Aragon, marketing development writer, GuideStone

“There are lots of helpful hints, it’s a quick read and great to have as a reference. When I’m stuck I go back and look for things like the Visual Thesaurus or how to make a metaphor.”
— Colleen Bittner, communications specialist, Progressive

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“Why reinvent the wheel? Here is a tool that can help you think outside of the box, keep it fresh for your audiences and help you to become an even more stellar writer.”
— Darcy Buelow, internal communication specialist, American Transmission Company

RevUpReadership.com is full of “practical advice which can be put in effect immediately. I always learn something new, or get new insights into old problems.”
— Lise Buisson, manager, Brand Standards, RBC Financial Group

RevUpReadership.com “was a very big help for me when I put together (a new approval process for her HR department). In fact, it was knowing that you had some information on this subject that made me feel safe in offering to look into the issue for them!”
— Lise Buisson, RBC Financial Group

“[Rev Up Readership] has improved my writing. I enjoy it more, too.”
— Tina Condon, marketing communications specialist, Progressive

“It’s an essential tool for communicating with words. If words are your business, make it your business to consult Ann Wylie’s Rev Up Readership.”
— Brian Cunningham, former executive editor, Wizard magazine

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“Each month, I look forward to reading Ann’s tips, tricks, tactics and tales about how to improve my writing — from crafting the best headlines, to tightening up copy to engage more readers, to providing a short work break to remind myself why I chose the communications field.”
— Melanie Deardorff, J.P. Morgan

“[Rev Up Readership] is full of solid, useful, and practical advice, with plenty of relevant examples, and it is a quick and easy read as well. You guys practice what you preach.”
— Kim Graber, communications manager, NYCE Payments Network, LLC

“It is a resource that my team of writers and I use to kick off a writing project or breathe some life into a stale idea.”
— Sue Grabowski, president, Grabowski and Co.

“Anyone who regularly writes (internal or external communicants) needs to subscribe” to RevUpReadership.com.
— Joyce Halvorsen, director, Public Relations and Development, Community Blood Bank

“This is a publication that provides answers for everyday issues. It has helped us to be more creative and write articles that will be read.”
— Joyce Halvorsen, director, Public Relations and Development, Community Blood Bank

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“If you need to communicate effectively, you need Ann. (RevUpReadership.com is) not just for PR people, although PR people can greatly benefit.”
— Tasha Hammes, Kansas City Area Development Council

“Once you start Rev Up Readership, you won’t want to stop. It’s habit forming.”
— Jane Heisler, director, Public Affairs, City of Lake Oswego, Ore.

“The content is EXCELLENT.”
— Stephanie Hingtgen, communication strategist, The Principal Financial Group

“The ability to go online and find relevant input whenever I’m stuck or looking for data to support a recommendation is really valuable to me. I find that I turn to Rev Up Readership when I’m bumbling around, having a hard time with a piece. A few minutes reading, and the pieces start falling into place.”
— Jeanne Hotchkiss, president, Connecticut IABC

“Ann is clearly a thoughtful and experienced business communicator. She offers very practical and doable tips and advice for even the seasoned communicator. And she practices what she teaches — it’s fun to read her material.”
— Dorrie Holland, assistant vice president, Corporate Communications, financial services corporation

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RevUpReadership.com “is the best industry resource for taking academic theories and proposing models of application. No need to understand balance theory when you have the model of writing about benefits and not features!”
— Kristi Jones, Raleigh, North Carolina

“It’s easy to apply the tools and eventually becomes second nature.”
— Karleen Knuth, corporate communicator, The Principal Financial Group

“I love these newsletters! They always give me some tangible examples of how to put some of this stuff into play with the writing I do here.”
— Colleen Kozy, Communications Specialist, Champion Technologies

“If you want to write well or improve your writing skills even if you already write well, you need to check out Ann Wylie’s newsletter Rev Up Readership and her related member programs. They are fun to read, quick to digest and full of useful writing tips of all kinds. There are tips to add creativity, use metaphors effectively, improve syntax, etc. You’ll find web-writing skills, press release ideas, useful trends. Go take a look, I can’t name it all.”
— Barbara Langham, Renaissance House International

“Rev up Readership is the place to go for quick fixes to chronic writing problems. In just a few minutes, you’re likely to come across at least one idea or suggestion that you can put to use in your next project. I think of it as a spa for sentences. Mine always come away refreshed and re-energized after a visit.”
— Loring Leifer, president, WordsWorth Communications

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“You could not possibly find a more condensed, jam-packed source for ways to improve your writing. Rev Up Readership delivers a warehouse of tools that you can put to use in minutes.”
— Loring Leifer, president, WordsWorth Communications

“I’m hooked on Revving Up Readership and continue to play with the suggestion in the August edition to ‘model the masters.’ The articles on secrets of coverline writers and systemizing the approval process were the big chunks of gold I dug out of your October issue.”
— Martha S. Lepore, senior copywriter and editor, Father Joe’s Villages

“Sign up today! Rev Up Readership will save you time, make you more effective, and bring you current on developments in all areas of communications.”
— Melody Leslie, assistant director, Media Relations, University of Oregon

“Ann, your work has been an inspiration to my writing and sharing of information — I call you my mentor who doesn’t know me.”
— Kristi Mallory, RTI International

“Ignoring all of Ann’s tips about avoiding clichés, I’ll say that Rev Up Readership ‘walks the walk.’ It is an easy read that gives you tools and real life examples you can apply that day. Her teaching style is so intuitive that I only need a checklist of Ann’s tips by title when editing my work. Did I lead with the benefit? Cut the pollution? Put numbers into pictures? I subscribe to a number of industry related e-newsletters, but this is one I read without fail.”
— Kathie Martin, public information officer, Town of Apple Valley, Calif.

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“I am thoroughly enjoying my subscription to Rev Up Readership. The reading time formula and Visual Thesaurus are favorites of mine, but every issue contains at least one ‘editorial gem’ I make note of.”
— Liz McKey, editor, Lynn Magazine, Lynn University

“Rev Up Readership has become an indispensable resource for our office. The Gold Membership is, well, worth its weight in gold, with links to bonus information and fantastic tools like the Visual Thesaurus.”
— Liz McKey, editor, Lynn Magazine, Lynn University

“I just subscribed for another year at the Gold level. I couldn’t imagine not receiving Rev Up Readership!”
“I recommend RevUpReadership.com to all my writer colleagues and friends — aspiring and veterans alike. There’s really nothing else like them available. Thanks so much for providing such great tips and tools.”
— Lynn McPherson, collateral management supervisor, VSP Vision Care

“Does your writing read like Muzak when you wish your words would leap up and sing like Streisand? Every time I read ‘Rev Up Readership’ I turn to my computer with tangible tips that add energy to my writing. Ann’s suggestions prompt new thought processes to ease the flow of writing. When I’m stumped, I pick up past copies and discover the solution I need — plus something to fix what I hadn’t realized wasn’t working. The balance between concrete tools and renewed passion is the most valuable feature ‘Rev Up Readership’ offers. I wait for the next issue to arrive in my emailbox as if it were a love letter!”
— Marj McKinty, development director, Lincoln Medical Education Partnership

“If you are interested in an external point-of-view, reflecting real-world examples and collaborative inputs from one industry expert, you might consider subscribing to Revving Up Readership, a publication from Ann Wylie — a colleague who provides a very interesting perspective.”
— Chris Murphy, FedEx.com

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“I look forward to receiving Rev Up Readership each month. The information is easily read and absorbed and the examples help to illustrate the points being made and help the information stay with me. I make it a point to print the newsletter and take it home with me to read on Saturday mornings, I find it that interesting!”
— Maureen Nayowith, vice president, Marketing Communications, The Shaw Group

“It’s a great resource for inspiring me to be the best writer I can be.”
— Kimberly Paterson, president, Creative Insurance Marketing

“[Rev Up Readership] is nutrition-laden catnip for writers.”
— Sanna Porte, communications director, MEA-MFT

“Rev Up Readership is good vehicle to use for rounding out your writing skills and refreshing the skills you already have.”
— Lu-Ann Proctor, Regional Municipality of Waterloo

“So many writing teachers’ books and websites offer long-winded, high brow theories about writing that don’t translate to the workplace. I don’t have a lot of time — I need real advice that can be applied easily. Rev Up Readership and Ann Wylie give me that!”
— Christy Rippel, public relations specialist, University of Pittsburg Medical Center Department of Radiology

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“It really helped me hone my writing and cut away a lot of the excess.”
— Elizabeth Robinson, marketing communications specialist, Progressive

“A great set of tools — very practical. Everything is so easy to locate and well referenced — you don’t waste time trying to figure out where to find information and examples.”
— Lyn Rogers, corporate communicator, Australia

“It’s like a monthly writers workshop for a fraction of the cost and time!”
— Nicole Schmoll, Woodmen of the World

“We never seem to have time for PD reading, but Rev has short, to the point segments you can incorporate right away.
“You can spend a lot of money on glossy, graphics-heavy journals that preach more than they teach. Or you can get Rev Up Readership … and get your money’s worth every day.”
— Rob Schweers, communications manager, The Principal Financial Group

“It’s the best publication available on improving writing and writing-related areas.”
— Jay Craig Shiloh, principal, Shiloh Ranch

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“You’ll find some straightforward, valuable tips to improve writing.”
— Shelley Snow, corporate communicator, Oregon Department of Transportation

“Rarely in a career will you find someone who can help you write better than before. Ann is that rare and valuable writing teacher.”
— George Stenitzer, vice president, Corporate Communications, Tellabs

“It’s like having your own personal communications mentor.”
— Lori Walker, communications manager, Sprint

“It is a great resource for tips and tools to improve all areas of writing. It’s easy to use and simple to implement.”
— Jonna Wysong, corporate communicator, Richland, Wash.

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